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What exactly did the kids see on the internet? When Cindy spreads rumors about Eva’s bad parenting, Eva retaliates on her world-­famous blog. With their husbands lobbing threats, the women must figure out their priorities, fast. Shining a spotlight on the supposed “mommy wars,” this sharply funny drama looks at how power, class, and the draw of the internet collide on one expensive white sofa.

CLASS MOTHER was performed as a workshop at the 2016 Winterfest Theater Festival, March 4-8, 2016 at the Hudson Guild Theater in NYC, where it was nominated for best play, best director (Alex Keegan), and best actor (Carson Lee). 
Directed by Alex Keegan
Nancy Nagrant* as Eva Miller
Nina Covalesky* as Cindy Beekman
Carson Lee* as David Frank
Ryan Lee* as Derek Beekman
*Courtesy of Actors' Equity Association
Production photos by Julia Smith
Scenes from CLASS MOTHER were also developed at Naked Angels Tuesdays at 9 and Ensemble Studio Theatre's First Brew. 
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