Short Stories
"The Pool" (March 2021) and "Exposure" (May 2020), Byte the Book's Byte Shorts Showcase.
"The Game" in 2016 Hemingway Shorts Literary Journal, Vol. 1, published by the Ernest Hemingway Foundation.
"Self-Exam" and "Married Name," performed at Liars' League NYC and the Manhattan Lit Crawl. 
"Plaza de Armas," runner-up for the Fish Publishing one-page story prize, published in the 2009 Fish Anthology.
"Rosie" in The New Writer (UK).
"Running on Camp Time" and "Explaining the Clinton Marriage to My Teen" - 
The Forward.
"The Funniest Camp Letter I Have Ever Received" - Kveller.
"A Novel Approach" - City University of London