On Blackberry Hill is the winner of the 2016 National Jewish Book Award for Young Adult Literature.
''Another YA novel that fully grown adults should have no qualms about reading . . . Come for the references to morning prayers and color wars, stay for all the feels.' - Alma
'Mann's superb descriptive details about camp life and her ability to convey the difficulties all young people face (without tossing in a traditional happy ending) make the book an excellent read.'
The Jewish Advocate
"The Pool" (March 2021) and "Exposure" (May 2020) featured in Byte the Book's Byte Shorts Showcase.
Rachel is teaching Turning Your Memories Into Fiction, a virtual workshop at The Writing Institute at Sarah Lawrence College, summer 2021.
Rachel is leading "Writing Practice," a workshop for members of Byte the Book, on May 5th 2021.
Rachel is a current MFA candidate and recipient of the Grace Paley Fellowship in fiction at Sarah Lawrence College.